Here you can browse through my paintings of the Tamar Valley, Plymouth , Harlyn Bay, Plymouth shipwreck posters, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, and much more. You can also find me on the Facebook link above and a few watercolour worksheets on Etsy Previously I have exhibited in London at the Royal Opera Arcade, Pall Mall as part of a ‘Drawn To London Exhibition’ See my exhibitions page My work is varied, often marine paintings: Latest work Lockdown paintings I also often fall back to watercolour paintings which I taught for many years. Paintings at HomeFrame Gallery, Plymouth and on Facebook. Lottery Project Lockdown Art Mossley Art Group
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Journal Entry: I was eight years old. We had travelled most of the night on the coach, and the journey seemed to go on forever, and at last we arrived. We walked and walked, what seemed for an eternity, with heavy suitcases and bags. My parents went off to look for the ‘digs’ while me and my sister were left stranded by some concrete steps. It was mid summer. The night was just beginning to change into day. The unfolding scene has always had a lasting impression on me. As we waited I just stared at what seemed for an eternity at the rise and fall of green and white waves rolling along a beach. The noise of the waves, pebbles and early morning cry of the gulls was so special so different from anything I had ever seen before. From that point on the sea became important to me. It still is, I still like to sit, and sit, and watch the waves roll in.
1st Aug to 6th Aug 2023

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This is an older website now, it needs upgrading, best viewed on a computer or using a phone sideways. Here you will find my paintings and various issues of concern. Shipwreck posters of Plymouth and Looe are favourite subjects, but there are many sea paintings: Harlyn and Saltash Passage. Some Mediterranean views and plein air paintings of woodlands at Warren Cottage in Buckinghamshire
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