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Below are several of my paintings including mainly sea paintings. They are mostly acrylic on canvas. Email me for details at
Acrylic               sold                                                       Acrylic on canvas 120cms x50 cms     £400 Acrylic on canvas      120 x 50 cms                                 £450
Just Dots 2
Acrylic and collage     90cms x 71cms Mixed media   50x 40 cms            Price £150 Acrylic and mixed media on canvas board   40 x 30 cms  £150
Happy days splodges and loops
Summer loops and things
Silk and Acrylic. See on Etsy
Blood red blue moon See on Etsy
All paintings below are already sold but prints may be available
By Neil Mawdsley By Neil Mawdsley
OCEAN BLUE Shades and patterns of blues and greens. The swish of an ocean wave rising and falling to the surface and back. A free spirit that goes on forever. 100cms x 45 cms. Acrylic
By Neil Mawdsley
ROARING SEA The coastline of Cornwall is regularly blasted by ferocious storms, the wind and sea become wild and dangerous. In this cauldron of foam, shades of green swirl across the surface of the water. 100cms x 40cms. Acrylic
WILD WEATHER AT TREYARNON This view from the TreyBay Youth Hostel with Trethias Island in the distance. 60cms x 40 cms Acrylic.
MICROBIOME The Swirl of Life I have been reading Bill Brysons book about the working of our body and the incredible way billions of cells swirl together in unison to keep us alive. Much of this process is still a mystery. 110 cms x 50 cms Acrylic
by Neil Mawdsley
BIRTH OF THE DRAGON For some time now I have been experimenting with paint pouring techniques. Results are random and often present a puzzle, whether to develop more, or leave alone? I preferred to develop a realistic painting from this background. 50cms x 50 cms Mixed Media
Red moon rising
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new! Commission        sold Acrylic on canvas        sold Acrylic on canvas      £450       150cms x 50 cms    sold Original for sale      £450 Oil and acrylic on canvas                   £200 sold 100cms x50cms        sold