Hurt and Healing
Breaking through
100cms x 200cms
Paintings of a more abstract nature The background to these paintings is below
When Times Get Tougher Sometimes hopes and dreams are not fulfilled and life takes a snakes and ladders route. Perhaps this is the norm. In the 1960’s in Britain we were basking in a ‘You’ve never had it so good’ time, but in the early 70’s wages were frozen and times were hard for those families in particular that were trying to make ends meet and on a low wages. It is little different today and probably even harder. Climbing that ladder to higher pay has never been easy, but we were told by Prime Minister Mrs Thatcher that the new meritocracy would allow everyone who worked hard enough to earn a decent wage. Many were naïve enough to hope for such a dream. Take a young ambitious person starting out with a family in 1970. There are all the usual bills to pay and there is nothing left after rent and the few extra pounds of family allowance. Pressure builds up to climb the ladder of promotion for a higher wage instead of just debt. To improve a C.V. extra courses are started, extra responsibilities are taken , extra this and that, sometimes endless paperwork all to impress and become a success in the eyes of others. Vast amounts of time and energy are put into this, often at the expense of family. The path to success has many pitfalls and they can multiply. The pitfalls are not part of the work plan, but they just arise for everyone whether we like it or not. They just arise from the most unpredictable directions. In spite of all the efforts put in, success in the work place is not automatic. Trouble is, after all the striving for success, a sense of failure can creep in and a feeling of letting loved ones down who have often been neglected for the quest of glory to that ‘job success citadel’ in the sky. There can be a falling back, a disappointment, a gloom, a darkness, a re-treading of ground of earlier years to cushion the frustration of that hazy vision of the future. Sometimes a body stresses out with the frustration and in the 1970’s doctors often prescribed Valium (happy pills) to sooth the physical and mental pain that sometimes takes hold. Valium was not for everyone and it just made some people worse. At such times people even turn to God. The road to recovery is always hard. It takes time for a body to heal that breaks, that turmoil. In the end, time heals, but leaves a scar. That’s life as they say.
Was exhibited in St Andrews Church Plymouth City Centre 1993 Pastel    75cms x 40 cms
Candle and Good News Bible. Still Life in pastels
Free Spirit
Mixed media.  75 x 40 cms
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