The Silver Surfer
I thought in terms of surfers moving on to another world

Lockdown Art 2020

60 x 40 cms
Acrylic on canvas
April 2020 in the garden
In February 2020 it was obvious to some that a pandemic was on its way and it would change everything.
Rough Sea at Whitsand Bay Acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 cms When the sea gets stormy and the wind high, the waves stream out in beautiful draperies on a green jade surface crashing on the jagged rocky coast. We were moving into a big dangerous storm.
Mountainous Seas 100 x 50 cms Acrylic on canvas. Over 40,000 lives lost in sept .
November 2020.Many older people are struggling to come to terms with the new world that is emerging. The old, fear for the winter. The young are confused. In Lockdown there is frustration and worry about money and freedom. Physically touching others is a risk but part of our nature to do so. Some still ignore all risks and get away with it. Governments play Russian Roulette with peoples lives to save businesses and jobs going under. Somehow we have to learn to go against our old normal freedoms and way of life, and adapt to a basic survival instinct until a vaccine stops the virus for everyone NEXT