War Sculpture

ROYAL OPERA ARCADE GALLERY, EXHIBITION, PALL MALL, LONDON Oct.2018 Plymouth in Devon was severely bombed in the last world war. This fact was a starting point for my 3D expression of war. War Game Chess Game/Chess Board/Circuit Board/ Aerial view of city/Superpowers/ Supercomputer weapons/War/ Devastation/Containment Modern warfare is very different now. A computers circuit ‘board’ (or motherboard) was my starting point. I saw that from above this resembles a city and computers are now also seriously woven into the fabric of cities. I began to blend the two. Then the idea of ‘board’ made me think of the game of chess and how in a way superpowers and their computers battle with each other. Now there is the serious game of war being played out in Eastern Europe and computers are involved in the process. This piece is an integration of these concepts of war game, chess, city and computers and lifting the lid after such devastating conflicts is hard.
neil Mawdsley Neil Mawdsley Neil Mawdsley
48 cms long x 28 cms wide x 12 cms deep
Plymouth devastation