alpha 2021
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gamma 2021
delta 2021
epsilon 2021
zeta 2021
eta 2021
theta 2021
iota 2021
kappa 2021
lambda 2021
mu 2021
nu 2021
xi 2021
omicron 2021
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PRICES  All free postage UK.  Reserve now by email to   £20 free postage UK 12 cms diameter  spinners: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta  £28 spinner: 17 cms dia.  theta  £170 Large paintings on recycled canvases: lamda, mu, nu. (All 3  for £375 )   £40 spinner 25cms dia.  pi (sun )           £45 omicron (planet)   £165 Black Hole Painting 40 x40 cms canvas. xi  (close-up below)  £20 Small canvases apx 10 x 10 cms  iota, rho, upsilon, psi, sigma,phi,    £30 kappa, omega (canvas board)  xi                                                                          omicron £165                                                                            £45 All spinners are upcycled cd’s, 45’s (ep’s) records or LP records. The hole in the middle makes them ideal for spinning on a screw fixing (included). Large triple canvases are upcycled flower paintings. All painted with acrylic fine artist quality paints. Acrylic on canvas

New Worlds Series 21.12.2020

Space painting workshop coming soon. Interested? contact:
p1 2021
omicron 2021
alpha30 25cm dia £45
I have painted these pictures during Lockdown. I write this now on this evening of the  conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. 21.12.2020. The paintings echo a  pivotal point in history: the winter solstice today, the new covid winter battle, a feeling to escape  this crisis. It was also an end to Brexit when we left the European Union.  It is a series of  meditative paintings of other worlds out  there. free to copy
From my early childhood I have been fascinated by Space. ‘The Sky At Night’ was my favourite TV programme. Here is the never changing Meteor Shower Diary. Numbers vary from year to year.