We were on a journey. The road did not look easy, twisting and turning, steep and dark into unknown territory. There were many, many casualties. There was hope in the distance an end, a release, like an open space to the sea. N.F.S.
This painting changed many times and seemed eventually to be a concise expression of the problem we were facing. (Close-up of the above distance) Like a mask of protection in the distance and masks were difficult to obtain.
A war was going on to find PPE protection for our nurses. Vast amounts of money was thrown into bribes, to get hold of supplies to protect our nurses and doctors who were fighting on the front line of this pandemic war. Nightingale Hospitals were created out of nowhere to handle the crisis. The pandemic was spreading like wildfire across the world.
Lots of people were getting very worried and trying to look for something positive. Captain Tom became a symbol of perseverance and even made top of the pops with ‘You will never walk alone’
I Created watercolour worksheets for people to escape into. Some of the worksheets are on other pages of this website. Here
Acrylic Acrylic 100cms x 33cms Acrylic Acrylic Acrylic
EXPERIMENTAL CANVASES During Lockdown I also worked on metre long canvases, experimenting with various acrylic techniques
Whispers Acrylic paint and sprays, grasses and strings 100cms x 33cms £270
Summertime Glow Acrylic 100cms x 33cms £350 Home Frame Gallery Plymouth (Sold)
The Garden Acrylic 100cms x 33cms £270
Greystone Shimmer Acrylic 100cms x 33cms £290
Soft Light of Summer Acrylic 100cms x 33cms £270
Indian Summer Acrylic 100cms x 33cms £270
Lockdown Art - continued
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