Misty Day near Axtow n. My Art Class W atercolour pr oject in 1999. A Winters Day . Neil Maw dsley Christmas H omework? This painting is all about soft wet-into -wet layer s of colour and lifting out misty shapes. It was a misty co ld da y as I sa t in the car waiting for my daughter to complete her riding lesso n. Co lo urs: Raw Sienna ( or Y ellow Ochre) Ultramarine Blu e Light Red(or Burnt Sienna), Burnt Sienna and Lemon Y ellow . 1. No drawi ng or if you must, draw wi th pale paint on damp paper 2.Sky . A t hin wash of pale Ultramarine Blue and quickl y add soft grey distant tree, buildi ng shapes usi ng a pale mix of Ultr Blue and Burnt Sie nna. (Lost and found technique) 3.B ottom Half Raw Sienna over the whole of the bottom half of the painting. Add some more indistinct grey shapes to indicate a wall or hedge on the right. Dampen your paint to give misty edges. Quickly , while damp, add bands of Light Red to warm up the painting even more. Let thi s dry . Good time for a break. 4 . Paint in your tree and wall using a mix of mainly Burnt Sienna with a littl e Ultram ari ne. Also the telegraph pole and wires using the same mix, but w ith a bit more blue. F ade the wires aw ay in the mist. 5 . Add a little green to the foreground using Lemon Y ellow and Ultramarine Blue. 6 . Adjust the paint ing and st rengt he n (add paint) or weaken ( l if t of f p aint) 7 . if its not worked out, do the painting again! Neil
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