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Plymouth artist Neil Mawdsley    Plymouth U.K.      Email: neil@mawdsley.co.uk
Watercolour Projects
For around 10 years I taught watercolour painting and drawing to adults all over Devon and Cornwall. At long last I have decided to put the worksheets on the Internet for people to download themselves. All are usually landscapes around Devon and Cornwall mainly in the Plymouth area, but there are some further afield. Here on my website I introduce these step-by-step projects. The many projects are still being put together and available for download on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/NeilMawdsleyArtwork 
I am building up my Etsy shop for general sales  but you can still email me at neil@mawdsley.co.uk for further information.
Tutoring watercolours to BBC presenter Charlotte Smith in 2012! Love  Watercolour project on Etsy Winter Washday  Watercolour project on Etsy Moorland In Winter  Watercolour project on Etsy Moorland Farm In Winter  Watercolour project on Etsy Woodlands Watercolour project on Etsy FREE  Watercolour project Snow Polperro Harbour  Watercolour project on Etsy