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Plymouth artist Neil Mawdsley    Plymouth U.K.      Email: neil@mawdsley.co.uk
Diary or Blog as its now called. 2001 - 2008 These entries below (in grey) were on my old website. Unfortunately Virgin Media recently did away with  blueyonder webspaces  at http://www.neilmawdsley.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk./index.htm. I have saved the info, but I may or may not add this to my present site. It all takes time. It is interesting to see the internet evolving as it does overriding  previous information Things quickly vanish in this cyber world. Something to be said for saving hard copies perhaps. 2001 -2002                           2003 2004                                    2007 2008 Foot and Mouth                Old Pram Sennen                              Eclipse Memory 1999 Toxic Child
Mossley in photos from 1960’s